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wireless connectionAre you struggling with wireless broadband connection problems?

It can be quite frustrating when your device constantly suffers from slow wireless throughput or connection drops due to a weak signal. Well its something that Burytec can definitely help you with.

Home WiFi that works well so you can surf the world wide web without having to worry about coverage or poor connectivity can sometimes be a bit of a problem. If you have already tried WiFi extenders and home plug mains electric solutions, then you know  how unreliable they can be.

There are some really great solutions to solve WiFi issues, Burytec are proud to be able to offer the Ubiquiti airCube.



The airCube is a very stylish, functional & reliable, when installed correctly you will have full & fast wireless internet access. In addition you will also have access to 3 Ethernet ports for direct cable connects. it is also PoE capable, which means it can be powered via an Ethernet cable at the remote supply end via a power injector or a PoE switch.

WiFi supplied & configured

2.4 GHz only airCube £51

2.4 & 5 GHz airCube £98

WiFi supplied, configured & cabled up to 20 meters

2.4 GHz only airCube £121

2.4 & 5 GHz airCube £168

Access Points: The better Wireless Coverage Solution


Wired access points require the installation of a data cable link to the main service router or switch. There are a number of options when it comes to selecting an access point, based on your requirements you may choose from wireless access point only or wireless access point with built in wired connection points. Access points come in a number of different configurations and capabilities including the ability to use power over Ethernet. This is a method of supplying the power to the access point through the use of spare wires within the data cable, this is an industry standard method that has proved to be an excellent solution for ceiling mounted & external installations.


Get better wireless with an access point

Technologies such as Virtual Private Network servers can also be catered for as required, this is a simple case of selecting the correct features on the access point.

Some other technologies to consider are DD-WRT & 5Ghz wireless devices. DDWRT involves completely changing the firmware of a wireless device to provide greater flexibility & feature set control. The 5GHz wireless devices are often slightly more expensive & of course require receivers capable of using the 5GHz range, however this could be a good investment as it is not as widely used in many domestic or business environments.

Burytec can install business & commercial wireless access points, to meet the needs of your location.

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