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wireless connectionAre you struggling with wireless broadband connection problems?

It can be quite frustrating when your device constantly suffers from slow wireless throughput or connection drops due to a weak signal. Well its something that Burytec can definitely help you with. However if you want to see if there are any improvements you can make yourself why not consider some of the following 10 points.

Basic Wireless Troubleshooting

  1. Check that your wireless connection is secure & that it is not being inadvertently used by other people out side of your home or business without your consent.
  2. It maybe worth while checking that you have the latest manufacturer’s firmware installed in your wireless access point / router device.
  3. Consider relocating your wireless access point /router closer to the areas you want access. Most standard off the shelf wireless devices generate signals in a radial pattern, this means that in cases where you have to locate your device at the perimeter of your property due to power or telephone point access you may not be taking full advantage of your wireless signal coverage.
  4. Check that you do not have any local interference, consider temporarily turning off as many nearby electrical devices as possible. Things to consider are some older models of wireless phone, microwave ovens, lighting control, thermostats, fridges & any other active electrical device / industrial / commercial equipment.
  5. It may be worth changing the current wireless channel. This is a simple process once you have logged into the administration configuration page for your device. If you want to check what channels are currently in use by other devices within range of yours, you could use some wireless signal scanning software such as Inssider. Inssider will generate a graph showing all the channels within range of the wireless adapter on your PC / laptop, this maybe very useful in deciding what channels to avoid. Great for apartment blocks where all your neighbors have broadband routers with built in wireless access points.
  6. Depending on the model of your wireless access point / router it may be possible to upgrade the wireless antenna.
  7. Install a power line adapter set, this is a simple method that works through your electrical wiring. However you should be aware that this method will not always work, due to things like the type / make of Residual Circuit Breaker in your electrical consumer unit, different ring mains, local interference. Many users also complain of relatively short life spans of this type of device. Look for online reviews for the make & model you intend to use, before you consider this option & find out what options you have for returning or exchanging.
  8. If you have some spear time on your hands & fancy a bit of DIY, then there are number of Blue Peter type projects that claim to improve wireless signals by using things like tin foil & empty Pringle crisp containers.
  9. If you have some more spear time & even more patients then you could give you Internet Service Provider a call to ask for some help / advice on the options available to you based on the equipment & services you buy from them.
  10. If you router is quite old, consider upgrading it for one that has N / AC type technology for increased wireless area coverage and enhanced signal connectivity. To fully benefit from this you may also have to install an N / AC type wireless adapter in an older laptop or PC.

Peter can help you address or avoid any combination of the above points & more to get you the best solution for your home or work site based on the construction material and layout.

Access Points: The better Wireless Coverage Solution

Wired access points require the installation of a data cable link to the main service router or switch. There are a number of options when it comes to selecting an access point, based on your requirements you may choose from wireless access point only or wireless access point with built in wired connection points. Access points come in a number of different configurations and capabilities including the ability to use power over Ethernet. This is a method of supplying the power to the access point through the use of spare wires within the data cable, this is an industry standard method that has proved to be an excellent solution for ceiling mounted & external installations.


Get better wireless with an access point

Technologies such as Virtual Private Network servers can also be catered for as required, this is a simple case of selecting the correct features on the access point.

Some other technologies to consider are DD-WRT & 5Ghz wireless devices. DDWRT involves completely changing the firmware of a wireless device to provide greater flexibility & feature set control. The 5GHz wireless devices are often slightly more expensive & of course require receivers capable of using the 5GHz range, however this could be a good investment as it is not as widely used in many domestic or business environments.

Burytec can install business & commercial wireless access points, to meet the needs of your location.

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