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Broadband general diagramAfter carrying out the basic checks on your faulty telephone line or broadband cabling without success. It will be more than obvious to you that it's time to call on an expert.

In order to get a thorough diagnosis you really need to get an independent telephone engineer that is able to undertake a complete end to end check of your systems & wiring. That said maybe your first thoughts are to call BT, who will dispatch an Openreach engineer out to you. Well there are few very good reasons not to choose that course of action.

  1. You may in fact not be a BT customer for either your phone or broadband, as such very little help will be offered.
  2. The notoriously high call out charge that would be added to your next bill.
  3. The Openreach engineer will only prove your line services to your property, at which point you will have no real way of disputing where any faults originated from.

These are just a few of the many reasons to opt for an independent telephone engineer, who has a comprehensive knowledge of all the inter related technologies that make your communications work well together.

Most homes & businesses can expect to experience a telephone or broadband issues at some time during their contract.

Faults can often present in the form of a complete loss of services, in the event of intermittent broadband connectivity problems you will really need to completely rule out all possible causes that are present on the customer side of the network. This means ensuring any internal or external wiring, network equipment such as routers, switches & other attached devices, sockets & filters are fully functional, technically correct & configured according to the manufactures recommendations.

Internal & external customer owned wiring or sockets that are causing issues can be identified & replaced by an independent telephone engineer with the right skill sets, test equipment, tools and materials. It is worth noting that something as simple as using the wrong grade or poor quality cable will often introduce a significant source of service related faults. A qualified independent multi skilled telephone & broadband engineer will be able to pin point this type of problem for you.

In the event that you are not able to find a local independent telephone engineer with broadband knowledge, you may have to accept the terms & conditions of one of the national technical service providers. We are talking about the likes of BT Openreach, QubeGB, KnowHow, etc. It really will be in your best financial interest to be very clear about both the call out charge & the way any work carried out will be charged. What ever the out come, you will need to prepare for a fairly hefty total bill.

Here are some benefits of hiring a local telephone engineer:

Quick Response

A local independent, sole trader telephone engineer is likely to respond quicker to your call and get to your home sooner. More often than not your local telephone engineer will appreciate your enquiry & go the extra mile, to make sure your services are re-instated with the least amount of delay.

Professional Relationships

Many independent telephone engineers will often be able to help you with your telephone system, computers & network cabling. This kind of direct relationship often leads to greater mutual understanding & shorter briefing times, without the need to explain problems to several different call centre representatives in different departments.

Cheaper Call out Charges

With one of the larger providers you are not only be paying for the repair undertaken on your telephone or broadband services. You are also covering a host of other costs which include the cost of running a customer support call centre, despite the fact that some of them only offer premium rate phone numbers. Your local engineer will have a landline & mobile for you to call when you need help.

No Lengthy Sales Pitches

You won't get any lengthy sales pitches when you contact a local telephone engineer. You describe the nature of the problem and the engineer offers some solutions. No up selling or miss selling of products & services.


Both you and your engineer can arrange a time that's more suitable to the needs of your home or business lifestyle. Flexibility in terms of appointment times will be something that your engineer understands. As such you will often be offered evening & weekend appointments at no extra cost.

Direct Customer Service

We've all experienced the horrors of speaking to someone on the other end of the line who has little first-hand knowledge of the problem you are experiencing. In fact, many customer service reps are based abroad and have no real knowledge of British culture. Hence the reasons why so many call centres use rigid scripts that need specific criteria to be met for specific problems, before any action is taken.

Speaking directly to the person that will be resolving your technical problems saves a lot of time.

Burytec is an independently run sole trader small business, offering affordable technical solutions & support services to small business & home users in the Bury, Bolton, Rossendale, Rochdale, and Manchester areas. Deal direct with Burytec, no sub contractors, no call centres, speak directly to the local engineer that will carry out your work.

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Affordable Technical Help In The Home & Small Business


Affordable Technical Help In The Home & Small Business


Affordable Technical Help In The Home & Small Business


Affordable Technical Help In The Home & Small Business


Affordable Technical Help In The Home & Small Business